Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick summary for HGTV Showdown.

HGTV has a great show called HGTV Showdown. I found this great quick summary at under the HGTV Showdown page. They just summed it up perfectly.
The pressure is on for HGTV's hottest designers and carpenters who pair up to compete in the most intense design competition yet! In each episode of HGTV Showdown, two design teams battle side-by-side on stage as they make over the same room for a couple whose decorating styles differ. Starting with staged replicas of the couple's lackluster room, the design teams are given access to a dream design center, providing them with everything they need to completely transform the room — except time! With only four hours to work their magic under the scrutinizing eyes of the homeowners, the showdown is on to see which team will come up with the best plan for meeting the needs of both husband and wife, while transforming the room into an amazing space. Check out this new show for great decorating ideas.
Their contestants have created some amayzing designs. If they can transform a room in just four hours then so can you. Its not as easy when they have a design center that provides them with everything they need. We all wish we could just walk in somewhere and get what we need without spending our savings but unfortunatley for us it is not that easy. We have to scope out and compare for the best deal. If you are looking for some great budget friendly ideas that you can do with almost everything you need already laying around your house you can visit and start a showdown of your own on the space you want to transform.
You can also find great decorating and deisign books to get fresh ideas and accessories to add your personal touch to any room.

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