Friday, July 17, 2009

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

#1. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front and side doors to brighten up or change the look of your home. Adding a new door handle to compliment your new style is great. You can also sand down and paint your old shutters or outdoor window fixtures to match. This easy project will make a dramatic difference.

#2 Replace old lighting on the outside of your house. If you shop around you can really find some good deals so that this won't cost you as much as you think. I have seen nice outdoor lighting at my local hardware store for as cheap as $25 a set or you can search online.

#3.Take the time to resurface any old concrete walkways or patios. You can purchase products that will spread right over your remaining concrete and set nicely as long as you do a good cleaning of dirt and yard wastes before application. This will help bring a new look back to your older home.

#4. Change your address numbers on the front of your house with a new stylish set. There are many decorative plagues that you can find to arrange your new numbers on. They have oval, rectangle, gold, silver or just about anything that you want and they create a real decorative touch.

#5. If your gutters are still functional and they are just a little drab. Make a warm bucket of water and cleaning solution and wipe them down. Get out your spare white outdoor spray paint and don't be scared to touch them up.

#6. if you want a change in your front yard but kill every plant you touch create a maintenance free rock garden. Once you place it in you don't have to touch them again. Pick up some brick edgers and lay out the brick in the design that you want. Use landscaping cloth to lay underneath your rocks to prevent weeds and grass from growing through. You can replace old dead flower gardens, along your walkway or down the side of the driveway. Keep in mind that you do not have to keep a straight pattern. Use your imagination and be creative. Curve it around the base of your side walk or make a large curve to add a statue or big boulder. Place them in a circle around the base of a tree. After you lay the edgers. Fill the beds with any type of matching rock you like. You can get it by the bag but it can be significantly cheaper if you can find a place that sells it by the truck load.

#7 Remove any dead plantation or evasive trees that just look sloppy and take over. This will really help clean up your yard.

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