Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harley Davidson Theme

Harley Davidson Theme

This room was aimed for the Harley Davidson theme for a young teenage boy. The colors matched perfectly as it really warmed up this space and really gave the walls a nice clean look. The final decorations have not been added to this space. When its all in place they will add great touches to this room.

Harley theme

There were three main colors used in this room.The Bottom half of the room was done in a Dover Grey, The top half was painted with Orange Poppy. The trim was all outlined in black in the middle of the room to create a boarder to separate the two main colors. All colors were from Pittsburg Paints which you can find at almost any local hardware store. Since there was so much texture on these walls a small roller worked better than the larger size. The smaller size was more able to get in between the texture and create less splatter.You can also use a brush and do a stippling technique to get in between the texture.
Harley davidson theme

There was no closet door when the property was purchased so black fabric was used to hide the closet. This is great price friendly fix. The carpet was even replaced with an outdoor carpeting to prevent stains and hide tracked in dirt.This Harley Davidson Theme project was done by Destiny Landry, IL. Email me your decorating projects at sshdesignsplash@gmail.com to share your decorating projects.

Decorating Harley Theme

Decorating Harley Theme

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating Extra Space For Your Guests.

Creating extra space for your guests.

This is helpful when you do not have a lot of extra space for guests to stay. I know if you have a smaller home how cluttered it can get real quick. When it comes to having guests they need a place to sleep and a place to store their luggage. You do not want them tripping over it. Depending on the space that you are utilizing depends on what gives it more function.

For an office space you can get what is called a Murphy Bed. This is a bed that folds up and is stored on its end in the closet. The legs of the bed will fold out when you open the closet. These can be attractive pieces if you put your creativity into it. You can add recess lighting in the closet. Paint the inside of the closet a couple shades darker then the interior of your room. Add a unique picture or contemporary wall decor. These tricks will make it the focal point off the room when you pull it out for your guests. You can purchase desks on wheels that will slide up right under one another to create adequate room for the bed. Adding a corner armoire to hang their clothes and it will allow you to slide their luggage under the Waynes bed. You can put towels in the armoire drawers so that they are convenient .This will create a whole new space to treat your quests.

If you are looking at utilizing your living room or den there are different beds that you can choose that will look great as a place to sit and also offer a place to sleep. Purchase a day bed and add some big fluffy pillows for decoration. The pillows can also be used to sleep on. They are about the same size as a twin bed but can function as a couch. You can also find a futon that will fold from a couch to a bed. You will have to do some searching for the ones you really like to make it suitable for your space. They are available in many types of wood and metal. There are also fold out couches that will turn from a couch to a bed. These seem to have more quality and come larger than a futon. They hide the bed quite well. There is also a double air mattress that blows up to be extremely thick. There is a foldable frame available with it that will allow you to set up a temporary bed anywhere.

For extra storage in any space you can use a chest instead off a coffee table to store blankets and sheets. Ottomans can also be great storage for extra blankets. Another tip for storage is purchase a small dresser or plastic stackable drawers and throw a elegant table cloth over it and set flowers or a lamp on it. You can restore an old kitchen cabinet by sanding and painting the doors and replace the top with counter top or wood to give it a smooth surface.

Guests are not used to the layout of your home at night. Always have a lamp near the bed or plug in a night light to make things easier for them. these are just some small tips to help you get started. For more great home tips visit sshdesignvisions.com.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Create a warm appearance for the entrance of your home.

Create a warm appearance for the entrance of your home.

One of the most important spaces in your home is your entrance. When people walk in you want it to feel warm and welcoming. You want people to think wow and appreciate your personal style. Whether inside or out improving your entrance can approve your homes value by curb appeal and attractiveness.

Color on your walls is one of the best places to start. Choose a warm inviting color. A toffee or a tannish brown is a good choice. Any bright color will also give off a cheerful presence. Don't forget the trim work. Don't be scared to paint the wood to make it match to the color of your choice.

Lighting is key in any space. The brighter the better. Add some recess lighting to dark entrances. Plus it will help you and your guest function better if they can see properly. Recess lighting is always good when it comes to the value of any home. If you have high ceilings think about placing a chandelier in the hall that will really make it pop. You can visit second hand stores and sometimes get lucky. You can sometimes find antique chandeliers that all they need is some restoring or a little bit of a makeover. Introduce natural light into your entrance also. Doors with glass inserts in the middle add great natural light. The side windows or sidelites that go beside the door can be costly but really make an entrance attractive. Don't forget the outside. If you can add a hanging chandelier go for it. You can also find outdoor fans that really bring out any covered patio and create great outdoor lighting. Use solar lights around the entrance to light the way to the door for you and your guests. Change out your old outdoor lighting for a new look. These can actually be found pretty cheap for a pair if you shop around.

If you do not have a closet by your entrance try to create something for your guests to put their belongings on or in. Having every ones personal belongings laying everywhere can really make your home feel untidy and cluttered. You can add a bench in or around your entrance for your guests to sit down and remove their shoes. They can slide their shoes up under the bench. Hang a coat rack behind the bench to give them a place to hang their coats and purses. Think about adding a decorative rug for them to remove their shoes on and give the space unique design and color. Try to pick one to scale off the entrance. Not to big or not to small.

If you entrance seems bare. Pick some great wall decors. Don't be afraid to hit the second hand stores for these items sometimes all they need is some paint. Even if you find a picture you like but the frame does not match do not be afraid to paint it. Standing plants are also a good selection. If your not a person that kills them every time. I know I do. Adding a stand that is up to scale is a great touch. Add a mirror above it to reflect the lighting. You can place your personal photos or flowers on it to give a welcoming feeling.

Think about your landscaping on the outside. paint your front door to give it the color and appearance you desire. Take the hinges off the door when the weather is nice. The fumes this type of paint gives off is strong. Recreate your landscaping if you are unhappy with it. Add plants around your entrance or a big planter pot. You can find these pots so big and colorful that there is no need to even plant in them. Add some hanging basket plants for a great touch. If your address numbers are on the side of the house look for some decorative plaques to really add a nice touch to your home.

Add a few touches and enter your home with pride. Create you own personal look. Creating an updated entrance is a great value and mood lifting project for your home.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bathrrom Mural

Have a big space to fill and don't want to drain your account? Be budget friendly and make a mural to really spice up the color and texture in your room.

Step 1. Find at least three old wood frames laying around your house or cheap at a garage sale. Try to find frames with a flat surface (no ridges on the surface) You can use as many frames and decorative patterns at you want.

Step #2. Remove glass and pictures from all frames. Place them in a decorative arrangement to get an idea of what will best suit the size of the wall you want to fill. For instance, Place the large frame on the bottom, and the others on top or beside it. As long as they all touch to be able to nail your mural together from the back

Step #3. Find at least two different types of fabric. I usually proceed to the clearance section at my local Walmart for cheap material. Select fabrics that are thick and compliment the space with bold color and texture in order to enhance your room's current style. You may want to choose one solid color and at least one decorative patterned fabric that has a texture.

Step #4. Choose a frame and cut your fabric so that their is enough to wrap around the sides to the back. Wrap the fabric tightly around each edge and firmly staple the fabric to the backside of each frame. In the end, the edges of the fabric will not be visible from the front and the sides and front of the frame will be covered. Repeat this step with each frame using the decorative fabric of your choice.

Step #5. Lay out finished frames in the set up you previously devised. Once you know the arrangement you want. Nail the smaller frames to the larger frames from the back. Make sure that you nail where the wood on the frames cross over one another. So you can nail them together. ( Use a shorter nail so that it does not poke through the fabric of the top frame.) Finishing nails work good. One you have it all complete. Place the backing back in the frames but not the glass. The glass will just make it heavier and will not allow it to hang straight. Since you placed the backing back in it should be easy to hang. You can add accent decor like fake flowers or berries to add more personality and tie it into the design of the room.

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bathroom mural

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Restoring Your Carpet or Hard Wood.

Solutions to restoring your wood floors.

Wood floors are appealing to the eye and adds value to any home. In the early 70's carpet hit an all popular high and beautiful hard wood floor were covered and concealed. Finding hardwood floors that can be restored under an old carpet is like finding a treasure. Most older home were installed with a higher quality wood. Depending on the thickness of the floor will help determine the type of wood used. To help determine if you wood can be restored look at the wear layers. Check for stains in the wood where liquid has soaked through the carpet. many liquid stains can't be removed. Inspect what was used to install the carpet or linoleum. There are most likely tack strips and hopefully it has not been glued or it is not full of nails. The more minimal damage the better but don't get discouraged there are ways to patch up almost any floor.

Screening is a way to refinish an old floor. A buffing machine can be used as long as the damage is not through the protective clear coat of the wood. Scratches are scuffed away with less dust than sanding. There are also chemicals available that chemically sand the finish. Then you can apply a clear urethane coat over your buffed or liquid sanded floors. You can typically walk on them in about a day.

You can also hand sand the floors yourself. This will of course require more work but is more cost efficient than most other solutions. Make sure you clean in between the wood planks and gaps before you sand. After you have finished sanding apply a semi gloss poly to add a great finish.

Renting a high powered sanding machine that professionals use is another solution. This will create a lot of dust but will probably create the best finish. A power sander is more efficient, smooth and can sand better than a household hand sander.

I have seen examples where some people have just painted their floors with a darker color to hide stains and slight imperfections and have applied a gloss over the paint to give it some shine. It does look good and is a quick fix but I don't know how long this strategy will last if there is high traffic.

Keeping your carpet looking good.

There are many stains that come from a household. Pets, guests, kids and everything else. Stains are treatable as long as they have not been left to sit for a long period of time. The sooner they are cleaned the easier it will be to get the entire stain up. And remember no matter the stain never rub it always blot it.
There are different solutions to attacking a stain depending on what caused it.

For pet stains blot any access of liquid or the stain with a cloth. Mix dish washing liquid or detergent with water. Pour on the stain and use a new cloth to blot up the liquid. Next apply some undiluted vinegar to to the stain and continue to blot. Last use a damp sponge to apply water to the stain and continue to blot until the stain is gone.

For crayons or oil apply a dry cleaning solution to a damp cloth and blot. Rinse with water and repeat.

To remove juices, tea or coffee. Blot all remaining liquids and remove as much as possible. Apply some club soda to the stain and continue to blot. if this does not work try a small amount of dish washing liquid mixed with water.

To remove Ink from your carpet, clothing or furniture, spray your everyday hairspray on the spot and blot till removed. Repeat spraying with hairspray and clean with hot water when finished.

If you have a candle that has fallen into your carpet. scrape up as much wax as you possibly can. Heat the wax by laying a paper bag over the wax and heating the bag with your iron. Repeat and continue to scrape till gone.

There are also carpet rakes available that brush your carpet so that it does not appear to be matted down and is great for removing pet hair.

If you have major water in your home there are a few thing you can do to help save your carpet. Use a disinfectant to clean the water damage to prevent bacteria from the water in your carpets. Always well ventilate the room if you have any major water damage.
If the water is on certain sides of the room you can cut the carpet up and fold it back. Cut out the damaged padding underneath and replace after the carpet had dried. Remove all furniture. If there is no where to go with it find something to elevate it off the floor so that the carpet can dry underneath. Find an industrial strength fan to add air flow. Use a shop vac or carpet shampooer just to suck up any access water.

You can also add a dehumidifier to the space and it will help suck the moisture out of the room. If none of this helps you will have to replace your carpet.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple tips to saving on your energy bill. Winterize your windows.

During the winter older windows have drafts and leaks that causes you the loss of money and cause an uncomfortable winter. By winterizing your windows you can save from 35 to 40 percent on your heating bill. As electric and gas prices continue to go up this can add up to be a good chunk of change. Sealing your windows is inexpensive comparing to the amount of heat that you can lose on you heating bill. Check your windows for leaks and drafts. If you live in a reagin with cold winters you may have storm windows on your home. Hopefully they are low E windows which works well with hot summers and colder winters. If you do you may want to replace your screens with storm windows before winter hits. Keep in mind the type of windows that you have. Each type has thier own problems. If you have a double hung window they provide the most ventilation so they are real prone to drafts and leaks.The older casement windows with the crank are actually one of the most efficient models out there. No matter what type of windows you have if they are older and you do not have plans to replace them then winterize them as best as possible. Take a look at the condition of the frame of the window. Dont be so worried about the glass itself. More problems are caused from the frame.
You can chaulk your windows and prepare them for winter. Watch the temp and the moisture outside when you prepare to chaulk. Pick a warmer clear day so that you get the best seal possible .It can be used on sections of the window that do not move. The inside of the window where the window frame meets the wall is the best place to chaulk. Chaulking is important for weatherproofing the outside of the window also. Use wood filler for bigger gaps and paint over the filler with an outdoor paint.
Weather stripping is one of the best ways to insulate your home for the winter. Angled strip weather stripping can be used on wood or vinyl windows. You just line the sides of the windows with the particular weather stripping for the type of window that you have. Kits are available at any home improvement store.
You can also plastic your widows and shrink wrap them. Using a heat source such as your hair dryer will shrink the wrap till it becomes smooth. You can purchase a kit to do this or you can use regular household materials like sided tape regular kitchen plastic wrap. Place the double sided tape along the sides of your windows and use the same technique with the hair dryer till it also becomes smooth. Do not hold the hair dryer to close to where you create holes in the plastic or it will be like starting all over again.
Just these few techniques will save you on your next heating bill. This will also make your home a little more comfortable when you do not have to feel the drafts in the dead of winter.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grasscloth Wallcoverings

Grasscloth Wallcoverings

The selections for wallpaper and wallcoverings are becoming innovative wth a bigger selection of more modern styles and patterns than ever before.
There are new textured wallcoverings available that can transform any space into a real eye popper. Wallcoverings are great for covering wall imperfections. There are many colors and styles to choose from. There are warm subtle colors to dark rich tones. Contrasting textures make these wallcoverings a beautiful focal point of any space. Grasscloth is also a great noise absorber. When using these wallcovering think about covering only one main wall or creating a backdrop and finding a great paint for the remaining walls to really bring the texture out. Find great Accessories to create the style you want. Use great lighting tricks to really bring this wall out. They are a strippable paper and you can use a low- water content adhesive to apply it to your walls. Using a clear adhesive would probably be your best bet. Grasscloth wallcoverings are easy to clean, vaccumable and are made from all natural fibers so they are better for the environment. There are many materials available. Arrowroot, Bamboo, Cattail, Reed, sisal and seagrass are just a few beautiful materials to choose from. Rolls are mostly sold in 36 inches x 8 yards in height. I have found them available anywhere from $30.00 a roll to $70.00 but keep in mind they are priced as a single roll and sold by a double package so apply some research to your purchasing process. Take a look at these great materials to add a natural sense to your space.