Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bathrrom Mural

Have a big space to fill and don't want to drain your account? Be budget friendly and make a mural to really spice up the color and texture in your room.

Step 1. Find at least three old wood frames laying around your house or cheap at a garage sale. Try to find frames with a flat surface (no ridges on the surface) You can use as many frames and decorative patterns at you want.

Step #2. Remove glass and pictures from all frames. Place them in a decorative arrangement to get an idea of what will best suit the size of the wall you want to fill. For instance, Place the large frame on the bottom, and the others on top or beside it. As long as they all touch to be able to nail your mural together from the back

Step #3. Find at least two different types of fabric. I usually proceed to the clearance section at my local Walmart for cheap material. Select fabrics that are thick and compliment the space with bold color and texture in order to enhance your room's current style. You may want to choose one solid color and at least one decorative patterned fabric that has a texture.

Step #4. Choose a frame and cut your fabric so that their is enough to wrap around the sides to the back. Wrap the fabric tightly around each edge and firmly staple the fabric to the backside of each frame. In the end, the edges of the fabric will not be visible from the front and the sides and front of the frame will be covered. Repeat this step with each frame using the decorative fabric of your choice.

Step #5. Lay out finished frames in the set up you previously devised. Once you know the arrangement you want. Nail the smaller frames to the larger frames from the back. Make sure that you nail where the wood on the frames cross over one another. So you can nail them together. ( Use a shorter nail so that it does not poke through the fabric of the top frame.) Finishing nails work good. One you have it all complete. Place the backing back in the frames but not the glass. The glass will just make it heavier and will not allow it to hang straight. Since you placed the backing back in it should be easy to hang. You can add accent decor like fake flowers or berries to add more personality and tie it into the design of the room.

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