Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating Extra Space For Your Guests.

Creating extra space for your guests.

This is helpful when you do not have a lot of extra space for guests to stay. I know if you have a smaller home how cluttered it can get real quick. When it comes to having guests they need a place to sleep and a place to store their luggage. You do not want them tripping over it. Depending on the space that you are utilizing depends on what gives it more function.

For an office space you can get what is called a Murphy Bed. This is a bed that folds up and is stored on its end in the closet. The legs of the bed will fold out when you open the closet. These can be attractive pieces if you put your creativity into it. You can add recess lighting in the closet. Paint the inside of the closet a couple shades darker then the interior of your room. Add a unique picture or contemporary wall decor. These tricks will make it the focal point off the room when you pull it out for your guests. You can purchase desks on wheels that will slide up right under one another to create adequate room for the bed. Adding a corner armoire to hang their clothes and it will allow you to slide their luggage under the Waynes bed. You can put towels in the armoire drawers so that they are convenient .This will create a whole new space to treat your quests.

If you are looking at utilizing your living room or den there are different beds that you can choose that will look great as a place to sit and also offer a place to sleep. Purchase a day bed and add some big fluffy pillows for decoration. The pillows can also be used to sleep on. They are about the same size as a twin bed but can function as a couch. You can also find a futon that will fold from a couch to a bed. You will have to do some searching for the ones you really like to make it suitable for your space. They are available in many types of wood and metal. There are also fold out couches that will turn from a couch to a bed. These seem to have more quality and come larger than a futon. They hide the bed quite well. There is also a double air mattress that blows up to be extremely thick. There is a foldable frame available with it that will allow you to set up a temporary bed anywhere.

For extra storage in any space you can use a chest instead off a coffee table to store blankets and sheets. Ottomans can also be great storage for extra blankets. Another tip for storage is purchase a small dresser or plastic stackable drawers and throw a elegant table cloth over it and set flowers or a lamp on it. You can restore an old kitchen cabinet by sanding and painting the doors and replace the top with counter top or wood to give it a smooth surface.

Guests are not used to the layout of your home at night. Always have a lamp near the bed or plug in a night light to make things easier for them. these are just some small tips to help you get started. For more great home tips visit

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