Monday, October 19, 2009

Create a warm appearance for the entrance of your home.

Create a warm appearance for the entrance of your home.

One of the most important spaces in your home is your entrance. When people walk in you want it to feel warm and welcoming. You want people to think wow and appreciate your personal style. Whether inside or out improving your entrance can approve your homes value by curb appeal and attractiveness.

Color on your walls is one of the best places to start. Choose a warm inviting color. A toffee or a tannish brown is a good choice. Any bright color will also give off a cheerful presence. Don't forget the trim work. Don't be scared to paint the wood to make it match to the color of your choice.

Lighting is key in any space. The brighter the better. Add some recess lighting to dark entrances. Plus it will help you and your guest function better if they can see properly. Recess lighting is always good when it comes to the value of any home. If you have high ceilings think about placing a chandelier in the hall that will really make it pop. You can visit second hand stores and sometimes get lucky. You can sometimes find antique chandeliers that all they need is some restoring or a little bit of a makeover. Introduce natural light into your entrance also. Doors with glass inserts in the middle add great natural light. The side windows or sidelites that go beside the door can be costly but really make an entrance attractive. Don't forget the outside. If you can add a hanging chandelier go for it. You can also find outdoor fans that really bring out any covered patio and create great outdoor lighting. Use solar lights around the entrance to light the way to the door for you and your guests. Change out your old outdoor lighting for a new look. These can actually be found pretty cheap for a pair if you shop around.

If you do not have a closet by your entrance try to create something for your guests to put their belongings on or in. Having every ones personal belongings laying everywhere can really make your home feel untidy and cluttered. You can add a bench in or around your entrance for your guests to sit down and remove their shoes. They can slide their shoes up under the bench. Hang a coat rack behind the bench to give them a place to hang their coats and purses. Think about adding a decorative rug for them to remove their shoes on and give the space unique design and color. Try to pick one to scale off the entrance. Not to big or not to small.

If you entrance seems bare. Pick some great wall decors. Don't be afraid to hit the second hand stores for these items sometimes all they need is some paint. Even if you find a picture you like but the frame does not match do not be afraid to paint it. Standing plants are also a good selection. If your not a person that kills them every time. I know I do. Adding a stand that is up to scale is a great touch. Add a mirror above it to reflect the lighting. You can place your personal photos or flowers on it to give a welcoming feeling.

Think about your landscaping on the outside. paint your front door to give it the color and appearance you desire. Take the hinges off the door when the weather is nice. The fumes this type of paint gives off is strong. Recreate your landscaping if you are unhappy with it. Add plants around your entrance or a big planter pot. You can find these pots so big and colorful that there is no need to even plant in them. Add some hanging basket plants for a great touch. If your address numbers are on the side of the house look for some decorative plaques to really add a nice touch to your home.

Add a few touches and enter your home with pride. Create you own personal look. Creating an updated entrance is a great value and mood lifting project for your home.

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