Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple tips to saving on your energy bill. Winterize your windows.

During the winter older windows have drafts and leaks that causes you the loss of money and cause an uncomfortable winter. By winterizing your windows you can save from 35 to 40 percent on your heating bill. As electric and gas prices continue to go up this can add up to be a good chunk of change. Sealing your windows is inexpensive comparing to the amount of heat that you can lose on you heating bill. Check your windows for leaks and drafts. If you live in a reagin with cold winters you may have storm windows on your home. Hopefully they are low E windows which works well with hot summers and colder winters. If you do you may want to replace your screens with storm windows before winter hits. Keep in mind the type of windows that you have. Each type has thier own problems. If you have a double hung window they provide the most ventilation so they are real prone to drafts and leaks.The older casement windows with the crank are actually one of the most efficient models out there. No matter what type of windows you have if they are older and you do not have plans to replace them then winterize them as best as possible. Take a look at the condition of the frame of the window. Dont be so worried about the glass itself. More problems are caused from the frame.
You can chaulk your windows and prepare them for winter. Watch the temp and the moisture outside when you prepare to chaulk. Pick a warmer clear day so that you get the best seal possible .It can be used on sections of the window that do not move. The inside of the window where the window frame meets the wall is the best place to chaulk. Chaulking is important for weatherproofing the outside of the window also. Use wood filler for bigger gaps and paint over the filler with an outdoor paint.
Weather stripping is one of the best ways to insulate your home for the winter. Angled strip weather stripping can be used on wood or vinyl windows. You just line the sides of the windows with the particular weather stripping for the type of window that you have. Kits are available at any home improvement store.
You can also plastic your widows and shrink wrap them. Using a heat source such as your hair dryer will shrink the wrap till it becomes smooth. You can purchase a kit to do this or you can use regular household materials like sided tape regular kitchen plastic wrap. Place the double sided tape along the sides of your windows and use the same technique with the hair dryer till it also becomes smooth. Do not hold the hair dryer to close to where you create holes in the plastic or it will be like starting all over again.
Just these few techniques will save you on your next heating bill. This will also make your home a little more comfortable when you do not have to feel the drafts in the dead of winter.
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